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The hAmTX Power Supply

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2005, # 007

The hAmTX Power Supply


It runs parallel to the satellite receiver cables and that should be the cause of all that QRM... So I need to reroute the antenna cables.


Meanwhile I have a good PSU to use with a typical 50W FM VHF/UHF radio.

Things to try in the future:


The PSU is not suitable for HF use. Could the PSU be improved with additional filters? I have not placed any filter on the output but there is space for the filter inside the PSU box if the fan is moved to the outside.

Links and documentation:


Atx12V Specification:


Other specifications:

Basic Modification Examples:


St. Louis switcher


Advanced ones:

Very complete:


Nice modification


ATX power supply example


Changing an ATX PSU to 12-24V input (input!):


Data sheets and tech pubs:


Nice Articles about switched power supply repair 

( on a slot machine tech magazine !! )


Modifing a PC power Supply for Lab use:







Final version (for now) with fan outside of the box







Inside View

Page 84


82 83 84



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