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80/40 meter CW Transmitter

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2005, # 007

80/40 meter CW Transmitter


AM? Well, I have not tried. You gotta reduce input power a lot. 2-3W carrier output would be appropiate. Feed plate and screen through a modulation iron of around 7-8 kohms secondary impedance. Avoid AM on 80M during dark hours in EU, there ain't room enuff.

A little warning: Lethal voltages are present in this circuit. Be careful. Do not omit the output-to-ground choke. The -100V present at the key is not dangerous if the resistor values in the schematics are used and are of adequate quality and voltage rating.

The circuit could use a 6GW8/ECL86 but the high mu triode section is a tad hard to tame. It requires less bias voltage. I'll try another glowbug with this tube but with a Colpitts oscillator instead. Stay tuned, I will make a 6GW8/ECL86 bug also, perhaps after I have finished the Eurobug (EL83+EL34).

This glowbug has been on air for some time now and the reports are good, no chirp and no clicks. "Very good sound" is the normal report.

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