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Home Made Key for FT- 817

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2005, # 007

Home Made Key for FT- 817




Yuri Murashev, RX3AEW


Sorry for pictures' quality- they were taken by my cell-phone. The design of the key is simple, see Figure 1. Three copper areas are cut on a small PC- board. Two upper ones are for 'dot- dash,' rest below is 'ground.' Copper strips with thickness in 0.5 mm are soldered to each dot- dash area, a metal end from a glass fuse is soldered to the ground area. Plastic buttons (special dash pots used at furniture) are glued to the copper strips. The PC board is placed to a little nice black box made from a metal.


The box with key board inside the one is fastened by a screw to transceiver's push-to-talk switch. The screw is screwed instead a screw (too much 'screws' in one sentence!) that early was hold a clip. The push-to-talk switch has not flat surface, so a pillow made of polyurethane is placed under the 'black box.' Key wires are into push-to-talk switch cable.


While QSO the push-to-talk switch is in the left hand, by the hand do turn RX/TX, keying do by the right hand.





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