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Simple Regenerative Receivers

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2005, # 007

Simple Regenerative Receivers




The simple regenerative receivers were published at U- QRP- C. Reference Book- #3, page 6. I have done the receivers, they work pretty well!

73/72! I. G.

Credit Line:

U- QRP- C. Reference Book- #3 1991 year.



Transistor can be any RF FET. Output transformer can be any output transformer from a transistor radio.

L1 depends on used band. I used collections inductors wired at form diameter 20 mm with wiring length 25 mm. For 10- 20 meters, L1 contains 9 turns, L2 contains 2 turns near cold end L1. For 20- 40 meters L1 contains 15 turns, L2 contains 3 turns near cold end L1. For 80- 160 meters L1 contains 45 turns, L2 contains 10 turns near cold end L1. Antenna capacitor 120-pF may be 2- 120-pF in value.






Use the two- tank circuit at input clips of the receivers. It gives you cleaning from unwanted stations and provides your thin Air.




Data for L the same as for above receiver. Tap made from 1/6 parts of the L. Resistor on *51 Ohm should be pickup for used band (or, the same, used L). Inductor for 2.5 mH is home brew, it contains 200 turns onto a ferrite ring 20x12x4 mm, permeability 600. Transistor used in regenerative stage should be good RF transistor with f = 300 MHz, and gain =100 and more.

Any audio transistors can be used in audio amplifier.




Hope, you will have fun with the receivers!

73! Igor, VA3ZNW


Figures of the receivers are reproduced from U- QRP- C. Reference Book- #3.

Page 65





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