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ANTENTOP- 02- 2004, # 006  

Antennas for Radio Amateurs


6. Substitute rhombic antennas

7. Lightening protection of rhombic antennas

8.  Placement of rhombic antenna near other subjects


Part 2 Little-known antennas


Chapter 1 Antenna Beverage


1. Optimal antenna Beverage

2. Ground for antenna Beverage 

3. Quarter wave counterpoises as ground for antenna Beverage  

4.  Load of the antenna Beverage

5. Length of the antenna Beverage

6. Efficiency of the antenna Beverage

7. Change of direction of lobes at pattern of the antenna Beverage

8. Practical design sides of the antenna feeding and load

9. Simplified antenna Beverage with the switched pattern

10. Installation of the antenna Beverage.

11. Lightening protection of the antenna Beverage

Chapter 2 Antenna DDRR


1. Type of antennas DDRR.

2. DDRR - a vertical radiator

3.  Feeding of the antenna DDRR.

4. Efficiency of the antenna DDRR.

5. Half-wave antenna DDRR.

6. Spiral and line antenna DDRR.

7. Influence of atmospheric influences to antenna DDRR.

8. Influence of nearby subjects to antenna  DDRR.

9.  Practical design of feeding of antenna DDRR.

10. Broadband antenna DDRR.

11. Practical design of antenna DDRR.

12. Vertical design of antenna DDRR.

Part- 3 Invisible and substitute antennas


Chapter- 1  Invisible and substitute antennas

1.  Electric antennas 

2.  Substitute asymmetrical antennas 

3. Dipole substitute antennas
Chapter- 2  Making TV antennas work for amateur radio
Chapter- 3  Simple antennas for amateur radio expeditions


1.  Dipole and loop antennas

2. Beam antennas 

3. Vertical antennas 


Part- 4 Antennas for the 6- meters range


Part- 5 Antennas for the 11- meters range
Part- 6 Feeders of radio amateur radio stations
Chapter- 1 Transmission lines

1.  Work of transmission lines 

2. Coaxial cables 

3. Two wire lines

4. SWR at transmission lines 

5. Substitute transmission lines 

6. Home brew transmission lines


Chapter- 2 Symmetrical devices at transmission lines


Chapter- 3 The truth and lies of a SWR- meter 


Part- 7 Interferences at amateur radio


1.  Elimination of interferences at MW- SW ranges

2.  Elimination of interferences making of VHF- stations

3.     One more way of elimination TVI (It was published at ANTENTOP-1, 2003, at the title:  Nonlinear Effect on Antennas)




Antennas Vocabulary




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