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Crystal Sets to Sideband

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ANTENTOP- 02- 2004, # 006††

Crystal Sets to Sideband


  • Crystal set components
  • LC tuner
  • PN junction diode detectors
  • P-type and N-type semiconductors
  • Detection of AM signals
  • Homebuilding the parts for a crystal set
  • The Jamestown diode
  • The Caribou headphone
  • Recreating Hertzís radio equipment
  • Transmitting and receiving as simply as possible
  • The 1880 ten-meter communicator
  • Proving that radio waves exist and arenít just capacitive or magnetic coupling
  • Demonstrating standing waves to measure frequency
  • Building homebrew transistors
  • Bipolar transistors, PNP and NPN
  • Demonstrating voltage gain
  • The Boulder Rock Radio


Chapter 5




  • How to earn a license
  • The rules of the homebuilding game Ė Whatever makes you happy!
  • Picking an HF band
  • Getting acquainted with the HF ham bands, 160 Ė 10 meters
  • Instant high quality HF communications
  • VHF/ UHF handheld transceivers
  • Building an antenna
  • Dipoles, regular and folded
  • Multi-band dipoles
  • 80 meters when you donít have room for a dipole
  • The curtain rod vertical
  • A multi-band vertical antenna
  • Lightning protection


Chapter 6




  • A single-band, crystal-controlled, QRP module
  • The transmitter mainframe
  • HF construction methods
  • Making your own PC boards

       "Dead Bug" and "Gouged Board" construction

       Superglue "Island Boards"

       Coax jumpers

       Shielded boxes

  • The complete QRP crystal-controlled transmitter

       Transistor amplifiers and oscillators


       How an amplifier becomes an oscillator

       Class A and Class C amplifiers

       Stabilizing the operating point, bypass caps and emitter resistors

       Quartz crystals Ė the key to frequency stability

       The 40 meter QRP circuit

       Oscillator and buffer

       Inductors, RF transformers and impedance matching

       Tapped toroid inductors

       How to wind them (and mistakes you might make)

       The final amplifier stages for the QRP

       Tuned versus broadband - Use both for best results

       Bifilar wound, broadband transformers

       How to wind them (and how you might screw up)

       Ferrite bead RF chokes, expensive RF power transistors, heat sinks & output connectors

       Conquering inductors

       Calculating resonance

       Calibrating trimmer capacitors

       Calculating turns on powdered iron and ferrite toroids

       Chebyshev output low pass filters

       Keying your QRP

       MOSFET power transistors

       A "spot switch" for the QRP

Chapter 7




  • A simple, direct-conversion receiver
  • A great first project for a new ham
  • Excellent sensitivity and good stability
  • Poor selectivity
  • Adding 700 Hz audio filtering
  • High pass and low pass filters
  • Cascaded bandpass filters increase selectivity
  • Operational amplifiers
  • Building with integrated circuits
  • AM broadcast filter
  • Getting rid of the image


Chapter 8




  • Line powered power supplies
  • Power supply safety features
  • Isolation, 3-conductor cords, fuses, switches, ratings
  • Supply performance and regulation
  • Rectification, ripple, chokes, capacitors, & bleeders
  • Zeners, linear regulators, switching regulators

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