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Tool for Pulling Guys

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

Tool for Pulling Guys





by: Victor. RN9FAB


For several years I use to a home-brew tool, that I made by myself, for puling guys. I made it of 8 mm of steel plate. The tool holds any guys, for example,

bimetal of diameter of 4-6 mm, steel rope, wire rope. Picture shows how the tool holds the guy.







A winch is attached to the hole in the tool and placed by the place where the guy is fastened.

You can very easy move the tool onto a guy. The tool does not bite a guy at pulling. When a guy has been pulled, the tool removed by unscrewing the bottom plate.

Everyone can design the tool to needed sizes, proceeding from own needs. Force of capture is defined by a difference of shoulders of cross levers to which fasten plates. Plates have longitudinal gnowing -through at the place where it hold a guy.

Urban Ekholm, SM5EUF


When experimenting on the LF-band chokes with inductances of some mH are often needed. They are not so easy to get in these days. Those in the junk-box from the tube era are often quite big.


Do you have low-energy lamps that are not working any more ? Before giving them away to recycling do the following:


Carefully disassemble the electronic part with a screwdriver. Inside there (among some other things) is a choke with an inductance of 1.8-17mH (depending of the power and the make of the lamp). They chokes are very small, approximately

12x12x15mm. I have measured the Q of some of them and it was between 10 and 25.


Caution:  Yes, of course you have to be careful not to apply any force on the glass part of the lamp. I have taken between 5 and 10 lamps apart and used the method of holding the socket with a glove firmly against a piece of wood. Then using a small screwdriver to carefully bend the socket into two parts. By doing in this way no force is applied to the glass. When the socket is divided into two parts it is an easy matter with a small sidecutter to cut the wires going to the filaments.

Happy recycling !

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