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Fastening of Guys

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

Fastening of Guys


by Nick V. Derenko, US8AR


Made in Ukraine


ex UB5AEO, UB4AR: 




Different ways apply for fastening guys to a mast or to antenna elements. The common way is to drill holes in the tips. It, undoubtedly, results to easing of rigidity of towers and antennas both. At the same time it is possible to apply "sparing" method of fastening of guys.

Takes a kapron cord. From this one do loops for fastening guys, as it is shown at Figure 1. (where Dt is - diameter of a tube).

Several loops is put to the chosen place on a mast or on antenna elements and attached to these ones by usual



Figure 1. Loop for fastening guys

threads. Here we do attach a binding cord as it is shown in Figure 2.

Further, using cordlike binding, we adhere loops to a tube as it is shown in Figure 3.



Figure 2. Preparing loops for fastening guys

Figure 3. How to bind


At the figures are designated: L - Loop for fastening, B - Beginning of binding cord, End- End of binding ord, HL- Helping Loop.


After the ending of binding we pass the end of binding cord in Helping Loop and strongly pull for the beginning of binding cord. After that do melt of the Beginning and the End the binding rope, and that is all.

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