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Design of Antenna UA1DZ

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

Design of Antenna UA1DZ


Figure 3 shows the design of the Base Insulator and the connection of counterpoises


Figure 4 shows the design and the connection of two wire ladder line to coaxial cable




1.Aluminum Plate in Squire Shape, 20x20-cm in sizes, holes for counterpoises (item 2, Figure 3 )

2. Counterpoises, (10-14) pieces, made of Aluminum Wire, (4- 6)-mm in diameter, or # (2-6)AWG, 9.4 meters in length


3. Base Mast, any hard stuff, wood, plastic, metal tube (2. 3) meters in length


1. Two Wire Ladder Line, distance between struts near 5 centimeters


2. Connection with help of Screw-bolt


3. Coaxial Cable


4. Fix Coaxial Cable with help of Scotch or with help of two clamps to T-Plate made of plastic or Textolite





4. Roof of House


5. Base Insulator, Teflon or Textolite,

40 centimeters in length


6. Insulator, Teflon or Textolite


General Info


1. Two stacks of Guys


2. Guys made of synthetic rope, or metal wire broken by insulators to 1.5 meterslengths


2. Take care about waterproof for all electrical connections


3. If you have not a room to place counterpoises in straight line, place them in zig - zag line


4. Two Wire Ladder Line goes in straight line


73! UA4PNT

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