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Tesla Wireless and the Tunguska Explosion
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Tesla Wireless and the Tunguska Explosion

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ANTENTOP- 02- 2003, # 003

Tesla Wireless and the Tunguska Explosion


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Wardenclyffe, 4/10/1906

Dear Mr. Tesla:

I have received your letter and am glad to know you are vanquishing
your illness. I have scarcely ever seen you so out of sorts
as last Sunday; and I was frightened.


29. Cheney, Margaret, Tesla: Man out of Time, Dell Publishing Co., N.Y., 1983, pg. 187. Cheney sees a mental change taking place about 1907. Having lost most of his money and many of his friends and seeing less talented people praised for achievements based on his inventions "exerted a corrosive and lasting effect on his personality."


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37. Tesla suggested a similar test of his power transmission system aimed at the moon where everyone could see "the splash and volitization of matter." See note 19, pg. 255.


38. Bayshore, L.I. is at 40 N 43, 73 W 13; Alert, Canada (Ellesmere Island) 82 N 31, 62 W 05, and Tunguska at 60 N 55, 101 E 57.


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