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ANTENTOP- 02- 2003, # 003

QRP Tales


By Alexei Rusakov, UA4ARL/qrp (RU-QRP # 005)


September 13, 2002.


The day before yesterday I decided to hang my ZL-antenna for 20m in another direction - and so sad it was for me, fixing the last point I broke director wire. My antenna made of D6mm antenna-rope had been already used for 2 years and I had no any desire to prolong it's term


Yesterday I switched to two alternative dipoles instead.


Today in the morning I started tuning my new 2-el Beam of D3mm bi-metall directed North-South

strictly. On 20m SWR that's 1point2. And just after it I tried SWR on other high bands. On 10m band the SWR was 1point4. And on 15m band [CW] SWR surprised me with 1point1. I'd just only checked SWR not changing tuning from the middle of [CW] on 15m and switched on my soldering iron on in order to changeall temporary contacts for cable [SO-239]s. Frequency, once established, was the same.

luck, trying to repair my hand-made connections, but wires were already cut for soldering and so it's a great deal to screw them all once again. I have two bulks of wire under my legs, and on my knees, so hard to screw because the coax-cable is so thick and hard. So I connect the antenna cables together manually using the newspaper as isolator!!



Early morning. The band's not opened yet. The sweet noise sound pouring from speaker-phone. I've switched off one of the dipoles and the other was still wired to transceiver. Still soldering. And just that time I'm hearing on that frequency someone asks for "QRL?" and in a half a minuteI hear "CQ CQ de 9U0X".


I switch to another antenna - that was [Delta for 40m] and lost him, and while immediately returning to the dipole I have RST 539. I'm hurring to cacth my


When the second dipole added the signal up to 559. I ask him at QRP, he doesn't reply, and QRO I don't use [interestingy].


Three minutes after other HAM's came and one Italian station invites me SKED 18.085 kHz. My [delta-loop] hear nothing and Beam SWR - unlimited. I used my 20m Beam and received RST 559 in answer!!!! And that pal from Italy asked SKED 24 MHz once more. I follow them. Delta-loop is empty and Beam SWR the same as on 18MHz. I call and have 559 in answer!!!! QSO at 08.35z and 08.38z.


9U - Burundi - my new country reached on QRP (204).

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International QRP frequencies:

Band Frequency kHz 
160 CW1 843
80 CW 3560 SSB - 3690
40 CW 7030 SSB - 7090
30 CW 0106
20 CW14060 SSB - 14285
17 CW- 18096
15 CW 21060 SSB - 21285

12 CW 24906

10 CW 28060 SSB - 28360

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