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My First QRP- Station

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ANTENTOP- 02- 2003, # 003

My First QRP- Station



The following version of the transceiver based on receiver (fig. 3) consist in addition keyed freq's doubler and stage of an amplifier. It gives me a good 0.75 watt output at 80 and 40 m bands and 0.3 watt at 20m. I only needed to add the RIT and sidetone.


I has a many pleasure days with this transceivers. I build a three tcvrs for any bands. I did not made a multi-band trcvr because the complicating of commutation bands chains would necessarily be mirrored in quality of the transceiver in the worse side


. The frequency stability would worsen, be sure. Well also it is not necessary to forget that the main advantage of direct conversion equipment is a simplicity.


The kits of parts and PCB of these receivers or transceivers are available at me, send me your orders by e-mail or post.


72! from RV3GM/QRP



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