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Three Band Universal RZ3AE Antenna

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ANTENTOP- 02- 2003, # 003

Three Band Universal RZ3AE Antenna





Evgeniy, RZ3AE





For several years I use to a simple and rather effective home- made antenna for a work from my balcony, a hotel window, from the ground in a radio- expedition and from my car. I with my friends have made dozen such antennas and all the antennas work very well. One antenna, in depend of its dimension, works at three old amateur ranges- 10, 15,20 or 15, 20,40, or 20,40, 80.


Antenna description:


Figure 1 shows the antenna. Antenna wire is a tube or copper or bimetal rod of 5-12-mm diameter (#0000- 5 AWG). D-E wire is thinner then a-c-b wire in 2-5 times. Antenna is tuned by air (a vacuum capacitor is better!) variable capacitor with air-gap in 2-mm. The capacity is 5- 750-pF.



Figure 1 RZ3AE Antenna


Antenna ratio:


L = 1.57AB

CD = 5-8 centimeters

AC near 0.2L


Most high frequency for the antenna is: 4 (AB+L).


Antenna adjustment


To run a QRP power at most high frequency for the antenna. Move a crosspiece CD to find the minimum SWR. Check position of the crosspiece. To run a QRP power for next working band of the antenna. Move a crosspiece CD to find the minimum SWR. Check position of the crosspiece. And so on.



Antenna operation


To stand the crosspiece by manually or by RF-relays for choosing band. The antenna has very high directivity, so, choose needed position for the antenna. Switch your transceiver and enjoy!


Antenna results


I tried the antenna at different conditions and everywhere the antenna works well, from my house, from my car (the antenna is placed at boot of my car), from a field. I use to the antenna with IC-706 MK2G.


I wish all good luck! 73!



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