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Celebrity author Leo Tolstoy has remarked in his short story entitled The Exile: God sees the truth, but waits…. This is exactly what happened, in case of J. C. Bose. Today, the world knows Marconi, an Italian experimentalist, as the inventor of radio waves. But it was Bose, who first invented a device called Mercury Coherer, which could transmit and receive radio waves. It is used in mercury tube and telephone. One of Marconi's close friends, Luigi Solari, a lieutenant in the Italian Navy, drew Marconi's attention towards Bose's invention. He made minor changes in the devices, such as the U-tube was turned into straight tube. A device just a replica of the Bose's instrument was presented for a patent by Marconi, on September 9, 1901. He was credited by the world for sending the radio signals across the Atlantic Ocean, for the first time.

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